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Accent Lighting & Pinspotting

Used to draw attention to a specific element on a table, such as an amazing floral arrangement, or guest seating cards. In an otherwise dark room, pinspotting will add great depth and dimension to your tabletop centerpieces or wedding cake.

Concert Lighting

Every great show starts with the perfect atmosphere. As the industry leaders we have a vast range of experience in expertly lighting everything from cover bands to major headliners, and every level of entertainment in between

Intelligent Lighting

This refers to lights that are programmable with a wide variety of effects and patterns. Our in-house staff can program lights to compliment any production, concert, or presentation. These are also the ultimate party lights, immediately creating a buzz on the dance floor, over the stage or over the entire room!

Lanterns & Market String Lighting

The most requested lighting technique currently requested is market string lights with our without custom paper lanterns. We can install them indoors and out, as well as in tent interiors. Lanterns come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to fit most color themes.

Monogram & Logo Projection

A couple’s monogram, a company’s logo, an event name, or other iconography can be projected onto a floor, wall, or ceiling in a host of colors.

Outdoor & Architectural Lighting

Small uplights along a hedgerow, or a stand of trees uplit in various colors can really set off an outdoor party or event by giving a grand sense of scale to the surroundings. Many times pathways and parking areas demand illumination of some sort to define the spaces as well as to provide safety.

Pattern Washes

This effect projects patterns and textures that can be directed on wall surfaces, ceilings, floors, or objects. The effect is very dynamic when used alone or to wash table areas that have Pin Spotted Centerpieces or Candles on the tables. When used on a dance floor, a pattern wash is a great and inexpensive way to create an exciting party experience.

Stage & Dance Floor Lighting

Whether it’s a jazz trio, rock concert, corporate general session, recital or benefit auction, having the right look for your stage presentation is critical to an event’s success. A full stage wash, is just that, even illumination across the entire stage. Area lighting is for illuminating specific areas of the stage, such as the podium or speakers panel.

Tent Lighting

The white walls of a tent are a perfect surface for exciting lighting. We can project color and texture adding an important layer to your overall ambiance. In addition, you may want to consider adding a touch of romance with custom chandeliers, or whimsy with colorful paper lanterns floating overhead on market string lights.


This technique utilizes light and color projected discreetly from the bottom of a wall, tree, column or other architectural element with the beam shooting up along the face of the object being lit. The effects gives added dimension and drama and can be quite stunning especially when lighting foliage, trees, drapery, stuccoed walls etc. Even a blank wall or draped wall can come to life with the right combination of color and texture.

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